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Team Activ are a not for profit organisation that combines a great philosophy with a huge breadth of experience. Our goal is to help drive a society-wide change in how sporting activity is used. We believe Physical Education can and should play a wider role in our communities & businesses and we work hard with Schools to improve standards and better coordinate the teaching of PE.

Our philosophy is Education based, not Sport based, it’s about educating people to change their behaviour whether that’s as an individual or as part of a team, sport can be the perfect vehicle for that process. Our recent success in local and national awards is proving that our approach works and can make a real and lasting difference to individual people, schools, businesses and communities.

We will be joining Team Activ again next year – we would struggle without you now!


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Year 3/4 Multi Skills at Kings Oak

6th March 2015 By Clare Kaye

It was a nice way to end the week with our year 3/4 multi skills at Kings Oak Primary. We had some great leaders from Kings Oak who helped all the teams on each activity and marked their scores for them. We had 2 schools that came down with 8 […]

Year 3/4 Multi Skills at Holy Trinity

5th March 2015 By Clare Kaye

It was our first year 3/4 multi skills today at Holy trinity, with 3 schools bringing 9 teams to take part for the afternoon. We had various activities such as agility run, hopscotch with speed bounce and basketball relay. The children got really involved and showed some real skill on […]

Year 1/2 Multi Skills at Barnsley College

4th March 2015 By Clare Kaye

It was our first year 1/2 multi skills at Barnsley College this afternoon with 14 teams coming to take part in various activities that made them use different sporting skills. There was a variety of activities that ranged from hopscotch, throw and catch and shoot and collect. All the children […]