School PE Provision Commended by OfSTED

School PE ProvisionWould you like School PE Provision commended by OfSTED? Need to improve your PE provision?

We believe passionately that regular physical activity leads to better results in core academic subjects. Because of that we know PE & sport has a vital role to play to help build bright, healthy, fully engaged, and committed learners, from early years all the way through to further education and adulthood.

Schools working with Team Activ have been commended by Ofsted for providing excellent PE lessons that have a proven track record for raising standards. Our personalised programmes engage all abilities and ensure great progress for all – and that’s why we’re working with more than 70 primary and secondary schools across Yorkshire.

“Team Activ has galvanised our approach to sport, allowing for an inclusive approach which supports all pupils! We have been delighted with their role in school” Mr. Budd – Headteacher @ Upperwood Academy
“No other provider can match this in terms of sporting opportunity and the OfSTED Inspection Team were impressed with how enthusiastically the children spoke about their involvement in, and enjoyment of, school sport.” Mr Harris - Headteacher @ Burton Road
“It was very tiring but fun! (Emily) They make it fair so everybody has a chance. (Ben) It keeps you fit and healthy.(Lottie-Mae) We all really enjoyed it. (4CG)” Pupils at High View Primary Learning Centre
“Engagement in sports and physical activity with Team Activ has benefited the whole school not only in their development of stamina and physical skills but also helped to raise attendance and academic engagement.” Yvonne Gray - Headteacher @ Churchfield Primary
“Team Activ have helped fundamentally change our school for the better. The events are organised to perfection and engage children like never before. I couldn’t think of a more effective use of the PE Premium and recommend joining to any school that is passionate about PE & Sport! The variety of events ensures that every pupil, no matter what their ability, can participate and have fun. Thank you Team Activ! In addition to the events, the support we receive is second to none and has enabled us to achieve what we have done.” J.Bean - Deputy Headteacher @ Churchfield Primary School
“"That was fantastic, If Ofsted would have been watching this lesson they would have marked it as outstanding"” Mrs Crouch
“There is nothing I would change about Team Activ, great range and the standard of how competitions are run is spectacular. For me there is just no improvement needed of team activ products and services. It is a great thing to be a part of.” Matthew Brocksom - Year 5 Teacher and PE Lead
“Overall amazing service, team activ has provided us with fabulous competitions, valuable one to one and CPD and a wide variety of training and opportunities for staff and pupils. Our sporting success is shown and shared through the team activ competitions and website for the world to see and we couldn't be happier to be a part of it.” Tom Bower - Year 5 and PE Lead
“"It is a rare you pay for an outside agency and get more than you pay for, but this is how we feel about working with Team Activ"  ” John Bean - Deputy Head