Weekly Round Up Week Commencing 19th March

We have had a busy last few weeks at Team Activ. Find out what we got up to in the busy week…



It was a fantastic day @Wales Primary on Tuesday. We hosted a Multi Skills circuit for Foundation. The children showed great attitudes while completing the activities set out for them. The teams showed great sporting ability at a young age. The team spirit while going around the circuit was fantastic to see. The activities ranged from Balance Relay, Hit the Stumps and Bean Bag Throw. We also had help from some superb leaders who helped demonstrate and explain each activity to the groups coming round. We also had some fantastic help from some fantastic leaders who showed great leadership helping each team of the stations.


A big thank you for allowing us to host this event and a thank you to the superb leaders, you were a great help.



We had a great day Tuesday at the English Institute of Sport for the School Games Finals. We had a terrific turn out with a great representation of Barnsley with all schools from South Yorkshire being there. We had Churchfield, Burton Road, Upperwood, Cawthorne, Shawlands, High View, Wombwell Park Street, Penistone St Johns, Kirk Balk, Horizon and Outwood Carlton.  It was great to see all these schools taking part and fabulous to see us having a few TOP 3 places and even WINNERS!!


Thank you for representing Barnsley proudly and good to see you all doing excellent.



We had a super day at Joseph Locke on Wednesday for our Golf Intra Comp. We had loads of activities testing their Golf ability while having plenty of fun. It was good to see all the children testing themselves while keeping a huge smile on their faces. We had activities ranging from Golf Chip to Ryder Cup which had the kids showing great determination to keep going. We also had some superb leaders as well who helped the groups go round on each activity to help them understand what needed to be done.


A big thanks to Joseph Locke for allowing us to do this event and to the fantastic leaders who helped the event go smoothly.


Year 5/6 Rugby at Holy Trinity last week was fantastic.  We had a great competition yesterday for the rugby with over 10 teams coming to take part on the sunny afternoon.The standard is the best we have seen so far and it gives us a real good idea of how good the standard will be this year. The girls showed great team spirit and a great understanding of tag rugby. Great to see so many girls and boys getting ivonvoled and working together to win. The atmosphere was great with all kids giving maximum effort in and playing fairly.


Thanks to Holy Trinity for allowing us to host this fantastic event!