Wellness at Work Week


Just how healthy are Yorkshire’s office workers? According to our research, there is lots of room for improvement, with many employees taking minuscule lunch breaks, and experiencing stress, fatigue and mental slumps on a daily basis. We want to change this, and that’s exactly why we’re launching our inaugural Wellness at Work week; seven days dedicated to promoting health and well-being in the workplace.

You can check out our full research findings, as well as get the latest hints and tips for employees to achieve a healthy work/life balance, as well as a useful guide for employers.

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Wellness at Work

“Sitting at a desk all day is hugely detrimental to health, so the more activity employees can do, the better. However, what’s more concerning is the bigger issues this can cause; from eating unhealthy foods to feeling tired at work and even depressed.   While of course employees need to act in a sensible and responsible way, the onus is also on employers who need to lead from the front, ensuring their staff are happy, healthy, and motivated. That’s what Wellness at Work Week is all about, and our campaign microsite provides a wealth of information about how both parties can achieve this.” Darren Padgett, Director @ Team Activ