Building wellbeing, resilience and mental health


About Us

Our purpose is to make real differences to children’s personal growth and learning, through bespoke programmes for schools and individuals based on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

It is this focus that enables us to work collaboratively for a memorable experience.

Over the last nine years we have created sports tournaments; organised sports days; brought strategy launches to life; managed inductions for new staff and interns; delivered team culture building; set health and wellbeing challenges.

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Our Impact

We give people permission to play together with purpose, creating communication, 

long-lasting relationships, trust and resilience.  

We build better and more enriched schools and lives.



  • People matter – moving away from social isolation

  • Developing relationships – empathy, accepting differences and understanding others.

  • Resolving conflict– respond not react

  • Emotional literacy – Understanding our own feelings and those of others

  • Collaboration – The power of working together to achieve a goal

  • Two ears, one mouth – The importance of active listening and effective questioning to help relationships


Be Active

Regular play & physical activity enhances lives
  • Play with a purpose – learning and fitness through physical activity leads to increased wellbeing 

  • Self esteem – Providing opportunities to develop self esteem and confidence through being active

  • Bounce back – Developing resilience and acceptance of challenge through team activities

  • Team player – Opportunity to develop communication, collaboration and team building skills through team activities

  • Self discovery – Awakening their own sense of capability and opportunity through participation in physical activity

  • Not a problem – Developing critical thinking and problem solving skills through team based games


Take Notice

  • Relax – Developing techniques around concentration and calmness

  • In the moment – Developing present day awareness everyday

  • Recognising the worry – Allowing, accepting and dealing with difficult emotions

  • Taming the animal mind- Exploring and managing different mental states

  • Stepping back – Developing techniques to deal with stress and worry

  • Taking in the good – Focus on drawing the positive out of situations and life


Keep Learning

A ‘learning culture’ creates:
  • Learning matters – Value based learning

  • Knowing me – How i learn best, metacognitive knowledge
  • I know some stuff – Activating prior learning

  • Speaking out – Verbalising metacognitive thinking

  • Building resilience – Developing motivation to accept challenges

  • Friends – Developing purposeful pupil to pupil dialogue to develop cognitive strategies

Staff development with Team + increases productivity, with bespoke programmes for groups and teams to develop specific skills; promoting personal and growth.  Team + strategic learning and development experiences are designed to boost talent identification, retention and reward, as well as collaboration between individuals, teams and departments.

Workshops include: successful onboarding, inspirational leadership, transform your communication, wow your audience presentation and public speaking, questioning and problem solving, maximising and releasing potential, excellent customer service, innovative thinking and entrepreneurship, idea sharing, coaching, mentoring, talent nurturing and developing successful habits.




  • Doing good does you good – The benefits of kindness and giving in wellbeing

  • I belong – Developing a sense of belonging and community

  • Perspective – Developing a sense of perspective by helping those less fortunate (refection)

  • Behaviours are contagious – The wider impact of positive actions (altruism)

  • A sense of worth – Developing self esteem and a sense of worth

  • Individual and group coaching workshops, evaluating own wellbeing.
  • Regular wellbeing activities and classes.
  • Your own wellbeing employee survey and strategy development.
  • Resilience, mental health and mindfulness focus.

Darren Padgett

Founder & Director

Darren is the heart and soul of Team Activ, an organisation he created in 2011 with a vision to ensure people get more from their lives. Darren brings with him 30 years of teaching experience, as well as eight years as a School Sports Partnership Manager. In the early years of Team Activ, Darren acted as salesman, customer service rep, event deliverer and finance manager with a team of only two others working alongside him to achieve his vision. Team Activ now has over 50 fabulous employees and Darren’s passion is to see them grow and develop in skills, confidence, and ambition.

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We aim to build better and more enriched schools and lives.
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